Abe Soane

My Showcase Video

0:03 - "Shiksa Goddess" - 0:56 - Brutus, Julius Caesar - 1:53 - "When the Booth Burns Bright" 

About Me

     Hello! I am an actor/singer/songwriter based in LA. I started performing in my local theater’s middle school production of Dear Edwina. I was not a natural performer, but I kept going because I love good stories. My Dad is one of the most natural and engaging storytellers that I have ever met, and he taught me that telling a good story takes care and thought. I am devoted to making sure that good stories are told well, so I try to bring care and thought into everything I do. After years of hard work, I am proud to say that I am better than I was in my 6th grade production of Dear Edwina. 

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