From those who contributed during our fundraising efforts to those who helped us refine our pieces, this showcase was only made possible through the communal efforts of all involved. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you:

TFT Faculty 

Interim Dean - Brian Kite
Acting Department Chair - Dominic Taylor 
Director of Special Events - Annette Lee
Marketing Coordinator - Emily Mellman

Artistic Team

Teachers/Superheroes - Julia Flores, Jeremy Mann
Videographer - Karl Sonnenberg 
Accompanist - Dan Belzer
Screenland Studios Representative - Mark Brady 

Student Artistic Team

Producer - Talia Gloster 
Sound Mixer - Abe Soane 
Video Coordinators - Joi McCoy
"Group" Photo Coordinator - Hannah Rose
Website Designer - Mary Alex Daniels
Photographer - Makela Yepez
Graphic Designer - Carson Wolff 


We want to take a moment to recognize the implications of doing a showcase during a global pandemic. Before embarking on this journey, we all agreed that safety would be paramount on our list of priorities. With this as our guide, we thought innovatively – going as far as photoshopping all of us into the big "group" photo you see on the home page – to put on our showcase. Most importantly, we are proud that this showcase was created while adhering to CDC guidelines; everything was completed under social-distancing and mask-wearing recommendations, supplemented by COVID-19 testing. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 protocols, please do not hesitate to reach out to