Caroline Pernick

My Showcase Video

0:00 - "Hit Me With A Hot Note"  - 0:33 - Portia, The Merchant of Venice - 1:36 - "The Beauty Is" 

About Me

     Caroline Pernick is an almost 22 year old actor, singer, and songwriter from an island in the Bay Area called Alameda (that all of her SF high school friends still claim is a made up place). An only child who was once desperate for siblings, her heart is captured by taking long drives alone in nature, facetiming her kittens Georgie and Sunday (and her grumpy old man cat Lil’ Buddy), writing Joni Mitchell-esque odes to the world, and listening to the Light in the Piazza Overture just a little too often. Caroline really likes being alive, and is in constant awe of the chance she gets to experience this extraordinary world and learn from the extraordinary people in it. She hopes to spend her life cultivating and spreading joy by appreciating the magic that exists moment to moment (a value that her parents and friends and musical theater have instilled in her). Also she is weirdly good at fantasy football despite never having watched a full game. She is very proud of that.

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