Hannah Rose

My Showcase Video

0:03 - “Fools Fall in Love” - 0:44 - Philippa, Year of the Rooster - 1:54 “Let’s Face The Music and Dance”

About Me

    Hello there, I’m Hannah Rose! I am a dancer turned singer/actress who, in pursuit of professional dance training, grew up split between a rural Northern California town and the vibrant city of Oakland. Finding myself in these starkly contrasting environments made change a big part of my every day, but it also made me tough as nails and stubborn as a mule (I’m also a Leo though, so it may just be in my nature). I am an older sister who loves her family more than words can say, my parents are my inspiration and my sister is my soulmate. I love to love, am passionate, and – above all else – am extremely tenacious. Also, as an avid foodie, nothing brings me more peace than a good bowl of steaming hot soup. And I firmly believe that sandwiches are the perfect meal; there’s simply no argument here, they just are. So ya, that’s a bit about me, hopefully soon I can get to know you too!

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