Joi McCoy

My Showcase Video

0:03 - Esther, Intimate Apparel - 1:17 - "Maybe I Like It This Way" - 2:27 -  "She’s a Lady"

About Me

     Hey y'all! I’m Joi D. McCoy, an actor originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida currently exploring the west coast at UCLA as a Musical Theater Student. I've studied multiple forms of performing, including singing, acting and dancing, stepping, cheerleading and stage combat.  It would be a dream to use those skills in an action movie or tv show. Marvel, look out! Additionally, growing up and watching sitcoms like Will & Grace or Everybody Hates Chris definitely made me fall in love with that show dynamic and I look forward to developing more experience in comedy to create a sitcom of my own. I spend my free time either skateboarding down dangerous hills or being a personal stylist to my friends. I listen to a huge range of music, everything from country, even though it gets a bad rep, to old school R&B. Do we have common interests? Want to know more about me? Let's connect!

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