Talia Gloster

My Showcase Video

0:04 - "Alone" - 1:15 - Savage, Savage in Limbo - 2:36 - "I'll Follow My Secret Heart" 

About Me

Hey there, I’m Talia Gloster (she/her). Deeply passionate about hand-me-down clothing and Yo-Yo Ma, I am a question-asker and truth-seeker. I often find myself drawn to embodying characters who are cerebral, honest, stubborn, hopeful, and inquisitive... quite a bit like me! I do have a LOT of questions. My pursuits as a person and artist are rooted in a search for answers – even for the questions I know to have indefinite answers. Ambiguities and all, I firmly understand this artistic journey of asking and searching and collaborating and debating to be the most human, important shape my life will take. And I can’t wait. Oh, also: my favorite color is green. That feels important to mention.

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